OMRI Approves RootShield WP

OMRI Approves RootShield WP

The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has approved BioWorks’ RootShield WP fungicide for use in organic production.

RootShield WP, a wettable powder formulation, is applied through drip systems and drip irrigation booms used for soil drenches. It provides preventative control of major root diseases for up to 12 weeks per application, including pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia thielaviopsis and cylindrocladium. It also protects by growing on roots and protecting them against damaging fungi.

RootShield WP is registered for indoor and outdoor root disease control on greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals, herbs and vegetables, and has a zero-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI), the lowest REI of all biological fungicides.

“We have been eagerly awaiting this approval for organic use,” says John Francis, director of marketing and technical services of BioWorks. “We’re excited about being able to offer one of our most widely used products to organic growers.”
RootShield WP is available in 1-pound, 3-pound and 30-pound boxes. For more information about the product, visit

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