Pageant Fungicide Now Registered In California

Pageant Fungicide Now Registered In California

Pageant, a fungicide from BASF Turf & Ornamentals that combines boscalid and pyraclostrobin, recently received state registration for use in California.

“Growers everywhere are seeking competitive advantages, including those that help control input costs and boost profit margins,” says Toni Bucci, business manager for BASF. “With Pageant fungicide, growers are able to do more with one disease control application to positively impact their bottom line and produce healthier plants.”

Pageant works within minutes of application, inhibiting fungal respiration at two separate sites within the mitochondria of fungal pathogens. In effect, it creates a “double lock-down” on the respiration and energy flow within targeted fungi.

For more information on Pageant or other greenhouse products from BASF, click here.

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