Terrazole L Formulation Launch

Terrazole L formulation launch

Terrazole L, with its active ingredient etridiazole, is an effective soil fungicide for prevention and control of damping off, root rot, and stem diseases caused by pythium and phytophthora spp. in ornamentals and turf.

Terrazole L may be used in greenhouses, nurseries, and on golf course tees and greens.

The new liquid formulation offers several advantages including ease of mixing and application, lower use rates, and less odor than competitive liquid etridiazole-based fungicides. The new formulation is also ideal for chemigation applications, saving growers time and labor.

The 44.3% emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulation contains 4 pounds of the active ingredient etridiazole per gallon which is twice the amount found in competitive formulations.

The increase in active ingredient means there is less solvent being used which means less odor for applicators. Additionally, research has shown this new formulation mixes readily with water and does not clog screens or filters.
Because of the higher active ingredient concentration, growers will use less product per tank.

Terrazole L is a member of the Mode of Action (MOA) Group 14 class and should be rotated with fungicides having a different mode of action.

(Terrazole is a registered trademark of Chemtura Corp)

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