Veranda O Fungicide Registered In California

Veranda O fungicide from OHP, a product that’s effective on botrytis, rhizoctonia and other hard-to-control diseases, is now registered for use in California.

For California growers or others who don’t know, Veranda O contains the active ingredient Polyoxin D, a natural antibiotic and fermentation product of a soil bacterium. According to Jeff Dobbs, OHP director of technical services, the product has virtually no toxicity to land mammals, insects or birds, and it degrades within two to three days in the environment.

An easy-to-use water dispersible granule, Veranda O may be sprayed or drenched, and it is designated as a biochemical fungicide by the United States EPA Bio-Pesticide Division. Veranda O also carries a four-hour restricted entry interval and a caution signal word.

OHP recommends growers use Veranda O as part of a resistance management strategy that includes rotation with other fungicides with different modes of action. For more information on OHP and Veranda O, visit or call an OHP representative at 800-356-4647.

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