ZeroTol 2.0 Found To Reduce Bacterial Blight In Lilacs

BioSafe Systems’ product ZeroTol 2.0 has been proven to reduce bacterial blight in lilacs on contact. A vicious disease for many ornamental crops, bacterial blight causes small black or brown spots on leaves and stems of plants.

Results from one evaluation in a 2012 research study conducted by Oregon State University found that ZeroTol 2.0 significantly reduced bacterial blight on lilacs by up to 65 percent. Similarly, disease severity (percentage of shoots with 50 percent or more blight) was reduced by 60 to 90 percent in bushes treated with the product.

ZeroTol 2.0 is a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide that increase plant health and reduces losses. Its active ingredients, H202 and PAA, work in unison as a contact chemistry to reduct populations of dormant spores and active disease organisms.

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