Everris Introduces New Osmocote Fertilizer

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Everris Introduces New Osmocote Fertilizer

Everris, the company formerly knows as Scotts Professional, has developed Osmocote Bloom controlled-release fertilizer for bedding plants in small pots such as petunias, begonias and pelargoniums. Osmocote Bloom was designed to further improve the plant quality and provide plants with optimum nutrition throughout the crop cycle, retail and consumer phase.

Everris recommends Osmocote Bloom as its product of choice for material in containers 4 inches and smaller and crops that typically need six to 12 weeks in the greenhouse.

The Bloom prill is about one-fifth the size of a standard Osmocote prill. According to Everris, more prills per gram provides better uniformity in smaller containers, which improves plant growth. The smaller size promotes the even distribution of nutrition within and around the root zone to optimize plant utilization.

Learn more about Everris and its Osmocote products online at Everris.com.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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