Everris’ Peters Excel pHLow Fertilizer Reduces Water Alkalility While Feeding

Everris Peters pHLow fertilizer

Everris’ Peters Excel pHLow Water Soluble Fertilizer reduces water’s alkalinity while also feeding plants the nutrients they need to flourish. The new “pHLow” technology (pronounced “flow”) is driven by a patented acidifying component designed as a safe alternative to conventional liquid acids. This unique material provides a pure, non-corrosive, highly soluble, single-source answer to better manage high alkalinity waters.

Combined with optimum levels of N-P-K plus the exclusive M-77 package of chelated micronutrients, Everris created Peters Excel pHLow to give growers a water-soluble fertilizer in a convenient, one-bag solution for both nutrition and alkalinity management.

High alkalinity water — defined as Types 3 and 4 by the Peters A-B-C Selection System — causes the pH levels in growing media to rise over time. According to Chris Buchheit, Everris’ marketing manager for ornamental horticulture, this situation used to leave growers with few options. They could add liquid acids to their irrigation water to lower its alkalinity or leave their water as it was and risk the consequences.

“The process of adding liquid acids to irrigation water is not just potentially hazardous — it also requires extra time and money,” Buchheit explains. “However, doing nothing to the water can result in poor plant quality and low market value. Everris recognized this as an opportunity to help growers more successfully and easily manage irrigation water alkalinity.”

Peters Excel pHLow is available in four formulations – two ‘A’ All-Purpose and two ‘B’ Base Formulations – enabling growers to select the product which best suits their needs. Growers can use Peters Excel pHLow to provide complete plant nutrition from a single concentrated stock tank, saving labor and materials costs. Plus, the formulas provide active acidity to neutralize and dissolve bicarbonates, thus limiting the possible problems of scale build-up in tanks, piping and drip emitters.

“Our new Peters Excel pHLow gives growers with high alkalinity water an all-in-one solution that can improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations,” Buchheit says. “Now they don’t have to purchase liquid acids, spend the time mixing them into the water supply and apply fertilizer separately. Peters Excel pHLow makes it possible for them to combine all those steps into one, safe, convenient application.”

To learn more about Peters Excel pHLow, contact an Everris Territory Manager near you or visit the Everris website.

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