Growth Products Names Tech Sales Rep

Goris B. Passchier, a 22-year veteran of the fertilizer industry, is Growth Products’ newest technical sales representative. Passchier joined Growth Products in April and is now providing technical advice and sales service to growers and turf managers in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio, as well as Ontario.

Passchier is excited about being with Growth Products and has long admired the company for its technological innovations and leadership in producing environmentally friendly yet highly effective products. Passchier has formulated, marketed and sold fertilizer to container and field nurseries from Florida to Minnesota. He has special interests in blueberry production, slow-release fertilizers for any crop, soilless media and the advantageous benefits of natural humates and organic ingredients.

Additionally, he has owned his own distribution company for fertilizers in the agricultural and horticultural markets, and has worked for several specialty fertilizer companies. Passchier can be reached at 616-366-7842 or by email at

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