Harris Seeds Introduces Worm Power

For the first time, home gardeners will have easy retail access to the organic earthworm-made fertilizer that commercial growers have already discovered. Harris Seeds, a seasoned provider of high-quality garden seeds, supplies and organic gardening solutions, is partnering with Worm Power to offer its proven-effective organic fertilizer to gardeners nationwide.

Worm Power is an all-natural organic fertilizer, loaded with beneficial microorganisms and rich in both primary nutrients (NPK) and micronutrients. It’s an effective fertilizer for anything that grows, including flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs, outdoor garden beds and delicate indoor plants. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, Worm Power provides abundant natural microbial populations and feeds the soil available nutrients, which in turn increases overall plant performance.

Worm Power’s fertilizer, which shares the company name, is produced by millions of earthworms, raised under ideal conditions in a state-of-the-art facility. The rich and crumbly, odorless fertilizer is now available nationwide in convenient shaker cans and in three bag sizes. Brew-it-yourself Worm Power Shower is also available, allowing gardeners to feed plants with liquid Worm Power.

The agreement makes Harris Seeds the primary distributor of Worm Power in the United States.

“Promoting Worm Power to gardeners and garden centers was a natural step, given Harris Seeds’ expanding line of seeds and supplies for organic gardeners,” says Solveig Hanson, organic product manager at Harris Seeds. “There’s a symbiosis between Harris Seeds and Worm Power. Our partnership means that Worm Power can focus on taking care of its 60 million earthworms and producing top quality organic fertilizer, while we can do what we do best: connect with our extensive network of gardeners and provide excellent customer service.”


- Improved germination, plant vigor and root growth
–Enhanced soil structure, water-holding capacity and porosity
–Consistent, slow-release supply of organic nutrients
–Beneficial supply of microorganisms for long-term soil health
–Organic and OMRI approved
–Easy to use and safe around kids, pets and sensitive plants


- Conventional and organic vegetables
–Add to seed starting mix
–Fertilize vegetable, flower or woody transplants
–Add to potting mix
–Fruit trees and grape vines
–House plants
–Top dress beds, rows, containers or house plants
–Container gardens & garden beds
–Drench soil or foliar feed with liquid Worm Power Shower

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