Scotts Introduces Second Product With Fusion Technology

Scotts Introduces Second Product With Fusion Technology

Last year, Scotts Professional introduced Osmocote Pro controlled-release fertilizer with Fusion Technology that adheres surface-applied fertilizer prills to growing media. Now, Scotts Professional is building upon Fusion’s momentum by introducing a second product: Osmocote Pro 20-4-7 with Fusion Technology in an eight- to nine-month longevity.
According to Chris Buchheit, marketing manager for Scotts Professional’s ornamental horticulture fertilizers, this new formulation and longevity will enable even more growers to profit from Fusion Technology.

“Many growers in the Southeastern United States expressed interest in using Fusion Technology, but because of the warmer climate, they needed a product with a longer release,” Buchheit says. “Growers in other regions who grow crops over multiple seasons also wanted a product that could provide nutrients over a longer period of time. Our new eight- to nine-month Osmocote Pro Fusion 20-4-7 product makes it possible for both types of growers to realize Fusion’s many benefits.”
Scotts Professional developed Fusion Technology to solve a problem common to many nursery growers: the loss of fertilizer when plant containers topple over due to high winds, the blast of an air sprayer or when plants are moved throughout the nursery. Fusion Technology is a polymer compound added to Osmocote Pro controlled-release fertilizer. After the fertilizer is surface-applied to the growing media and watered in, the polymer compound forms a web-like adhesive matrix, binding the fertilizer prills to the surface of the growing media. Re-wetting the growing media through subsequent irrigation maintains the Fusion activity, ensuring the fertilizer will stay in place for an extended period of time.

“Plant containers are knocked down, blown over or dropped at every nursery, which can lead to a number of undesirable consequences,” Buchheit says. “Fertilizer that spills out of the pots may leach into the water supply. Growers may have to spend more money on additional fertilizer and the labor required to reapply it. If fertilizer isn’t reapplied, plant growth may suffer, making the plants less valuable at sale time. Fusion Technology can help prevent all of these unfortunate scenarios, tremendously improving an operation’s bottom line.”
The two Osmocote Pro Fusion products now available provide nutrition that’s equal to other high-quality second generation blended products from Scotts Professional. With the addition of the eight- to nine-month longevity, growers throughout the U.S. can now purchase an Osmocote Pro Fusion product that, depending on climate and crop type, can deliver enough nutrition for an entire season or more, further reducing application and labor costs.

In the future, Scotts Professional may make Fusion Technology available in additional Osmocote generations, formulations and longevities, providing growers with the ability to further customize their nutritional programs.

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