Scotts Professional Group Gets New Name

Three months ago, Scotts Miracle Gro sold its professional division to Israel Chemicals (ICL). On Wednesday, the two companies unveiled their brand-new company name: Everris.

Representing the term “ever rising,” the name Everris is symbolic of the new company’s commitment to enhance the technologies, products and services it offers to green industry professionals. In addition to its English meaning, the name also represents the French, Italian and Spanish terms for “green": “vert” and “verde.”

Building upon the strengths of Scotts Professional and ICL, Everris will continue to develop plant nutrition brands and products, including Osmocote and Peters.

“For years, we’ve helped growers and turf managers to design smarter nutritional programs and plant protection programs that often combine our unique technologies to feed plants exactly what they need, when they need it,” says Fred Bosch, Everris CEO. “Everris combines the technical expertise and resources of both Scotts and ICL, making us well poised to take our innovative spirit to the next level.”
One of the most promising innovations from Everris is Osmocote with Fusion Technology, a product with a unique fusing agent that binds fertilizer prills to growing media, reducing the loss of nutrients when a pot falls over due to heavy winds or during transfer throughout the nursery.
“I believe I speak for all Everris employees when I say that we’re very proud to be part of the ICL Group and its specialty fertilizers business unit,” Bosch says. “ICL has given us its full support, and we now have a clear vision that will allow us to strengthen our global position. We have exactly what we need to provide the best possible products and services to the professional turf, horticulture and specialty agriculture marketplace.”
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