EcoSMART Goes Organic With Insecticides

EcoSMART Technologies, a manufacturer of pest management products, has developed an insecticide and fungicide for integrated pest and disease management. Both products are effective against a broad spectrum of pests, and they’re less of a threat to beneficial organisms.

Ecotrol EC, the insecticide, has a unique dual mode of action that works by blocking the octopamine receptor in many insects, resulting in paralysis, quick knockdown and kill. Octopamine receptors are unique to insects, and Ecotrol EC has no adverse effects on mammals and birds.

Sporan EC, meanwhile, is a fungicide that works as a cell membrane disruptor of fungal hyphae and spores. Sporan EC has both curative and preventative properties, and it is OMRI listed along with Ecotrol EC.

“Fortunately for our users, our products are classified as ‘minimum risk,’ have a zero reentry interval and zero pest harvest interval,” says Steve Stringer, vice president of the agriculture division at EcoSMART. “That means growers can literally spray, pack and ship on the same day that our products are used.”

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