Essential Oils

Whitmire Micro-Gen has introduced a new line of horticultural oils based on unsurpassed purity. Horticultural oils have been used in the greenhouse and nursery markets for years to effectively control a wide range of insects, mites and diseases on a variety of crops from fruit trees to bedding plants and vegetables. Horticultural oils work by smothering the pest, offering an additional mode of action in rotation programs to prevent resistance buildup. Pests have no resistance to known oils. There are four factors that determine the efficacy and safety of a horticultural oil product.

1) The distillation midpoint 
2) The distillation range
3) The purity of the oil
4) Emulsifier selection

The distillation midpoint, measured in degrees Fahrenheit, is the point at which 50 percent of the oil has distilled. The higher the distillation midpoint, the longer the oil stays on the plant, allowing it to kill more pests. However, if the oil stays on too long, it has more phytotoxicity potential. Horticultural oils range from 400 to 480.

The distillation range measures the difference between 10 percent and 90 percent distilled. Generally you want a tight range where most of the oil is not flashing off or staying on too long. PureSpray Green* and Ultra-Pure Oil have a narrow 80ËšF range, with 97 percent of the molecules in the most effective C21 to C32 carbon lengths.

Purity is also a critical factor. Traditional refining can leave up to 8 percent unsulphonated residue behind. This unsulfonated residue includes toxic aromatics, a leading cause of phytotoxicity. The spray oil base in PureSpray Green and Ultra-Pure uses a patented purity process that produces crystal clear, 99 percent pure oil–the purest in the world.

Benefits Of High Purity Oils

- Increased plant safety
–Year-round use
–Low applicator and non target toxicity
–Lack of residual toxicity to beneficial organisms
–Low cost in use
–Broad spectrum control of insects

Matching the emulsifier to the spray oil base ensures the spray oil spreads across the plant surface. Proper coverage on the plant maximizes efficacy. PureSpray Green is a 435ËšF oil with 99 percent purity that is OMRI listed so it can be used in organic production. Available in 1-quart and 1-gallon sizes.

Prescription Treatment brand Ultra-Pure Oil is a 415ËšF oil with 99 percent purity. Availablein 2.5-gallon and 30-gallon sizes.

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PureSpray Green is a registered trademark of Petro-Canada.*

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