How To Manage Mealybugs In The Greenhouse

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Madeira Mealybug on Plant Stem. Photo courtesy of Syngenta Flowers.

A mealybug outbreak can be very frustrating for growers because managing these pests is very difficult. Mealybugs are nearly impervious to most insecticides because they have a protective wax covering. Adult females, egg sacs (ovisacs) and some species of older nymphs have this waxy covering.

Read more about the challenges of dealing with mealybugs and control and insecticide management advice in this Tech Tip from Syngenta Flowers


Marla Faver works in Syngenta Technical Services.

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  1. Mr. Kyle Fletcher Baker, MCN

    This article would be better for small growers as myself if it wasn't a advert for one particular product that is fairly expensive and instead listed low end to high end products to either have or add to our arsenals. I clicked on this article to learn what I could use not to be handed advertising.