Insecticide For Thrips Control

“There is scientifically documented resistance by western flower thrips to several leading thrips products, and many growers are in need of products with new modes of action,” says Joe Chamberlin, field market development specialist for Valent. “The chemical industry has introduced very few effective thrips materials in the last 10 years, and in many cases growers are down to one effective product.

Overture is a valuable tool for growers seeking effective control, Chamberlin says, because it acts through both contact and ingestion activity. It controls immature and adult thrips.

“Overture has a unique mode of action and can therefore be rotated with all other thrips chemistries,” Chamberlin says. “By introducing Overture into a pest management program, growers can alleviate current problems with resistant thrips, and also slow development of resistance to currently effective products.”

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