Integrating Biologicals

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Integrating Biologicals

Over the next 25 years, BioWorks will continue to be an industry leader in developing and commercializing environmentally responsible, safe and cost-effective solutions to the horticulture industry. As the momentum for the sustainability movement continues, growers will demand that the products (e.g., inputs) they use are safe to their crops, their employees and have minimal effect on local and global environments. Consumers are demanding a safe, high-quality food supply. BioWorks’ efforts will help support these demands. Further, integrating biological and biorational pest control products with traditional chemical products provides an ideal tool for the grower to combat the development of chemically-resistant pests and minimize chemical pesticide residue concerns.

At BioWorks, we are continually asking the question: “How can we make our products better and more user-friendly?” We are constantly looking for better ways to manufacture our products to achieve the highest quality, efficacy and safety possible. Better formulations, including materials that will extend the shelf life of our biological products, will be evaluated.

BioWorks will continue to evaluate potential new products for their effectiveness on soil and foliar plant pathogens, root and foliar-feeding insect pests, as well as products related to improving plant growth and health. Those materials that demonstrate the greatest potential will be commercialized rapidly to meet the demand of our customers. BioWorks will provide tools and services to help growers achieve the highest level of pest control.

Finally, BioWorks will look for better ways to inform our customers so they can make accurate pest management and growing decisions–using the right products at the right time for the right reasons. We will continue to support our products and customers to ensure the highest level of customer support in the industry.

Randy Martin Ph.D. is director of development at BioWorks Inc.


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