Previewing Pest Management Conference

With the 25th annual Pest Management Conference taking place next week, here’s a look back on all seven Benchrunner Q&A’s in which we featured speakers for the Feb. 19-21 event.

Searching For Solutions To Invasives
February 3

Lin Schmale, senior director of government relations for the Society of American Florists, discusses what growers can do about invasive pests and pathogens, especially when quarantines are penalizing them and border inspections these days are less than thorough.

Overcoming The Language Barrier
January 23
Many greenhouse workers are of Hispanic origin and have little or no formal education in plant production. Carlos Bográn, associate professor and Extension specialist at Texas A&M University, shares some tips on presenting simple yet essential knowledge of pest detection and monitoring to a staff that speaks mostly Spanish.

Detecting Surprise Diseases
January 19
Diseases are always on the move, and it’s impossible to predict which diseases will show up in the greenhouse. Colleen Warfield of the University of California, however, will share information about unusual diseases encountered in the last year, and she previews her presentation with us.

Dealing With Viruses
January 13
Deborah Mathews at the University of California Riverside, previews her presentation on emerging methods developing to combat viruses at your greenhouse.

Notes On Neonicotinoids
January 6

Neonicotinoids are highly effective insecticides, but many questions remain about their use. James Bethke at the University of California, Riverside who will discuss neonicotinoids at Pest Management, shares a few insights on them.

Strategies For Resistance Management
December 22
There are a few new ways to reduce the likelihood of developing resistance to insecticides labeled for thrips. Scott Ludwig, a Texas AgriLife Extension Service entomologist and integrated pest management specialist, discusses those ways.

Manipulating Crop Fertilization For Better Pest Management
December 16

Bográn discusses manipulating crop fertilization as a preview to his presentation at Pest Management.

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