Insect & Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide: Rot

Insect & Disease ID And Diagnosis Guide: Rot

Seeing rot on your crops? Take a look at these pictures to see common diseases that can lead to rot.

Scouting tip: Watch your crops carefully. The initial diagnosis may only be telling you part of the story.

Browned calibrachoa roots have been invaded by Thielaviopsis basicola.

Rhizoctonia can attack stems at the soil line, but can also develop into foliar blight under high humidity conditions, as seen here on impatiens.

Rotting within a gerbera flower head is likely to be Botrytis blight.

Progressive wilting, yellowing, and dead lower leaves indicate Pythium root rot in Easter lily.

Small root systems with tip die back may result from Pythium attack.

If a poinsettia, fuchsia or calibrachoa is wilting, check for stunted, blackened roots that indicate Thielaviopsis root rot.

A completely rotted root system indicates Thielaviopsis root rot on pansy plugs.

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