Easy-To-Understand Labels

Easy-To-Understand Labels

Because many edibles need to be purchased and planted before they bloom, many homeowners lack the understanding needed to make informed purchasing decisions about fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Horticultural Identification Products (HIP) has a solution: pot wraps that picture the blooming product they’re buying. If a pot contains strawberries, for example, HIP has wraps with a picture of strawberries. The word “strawberries” also appears front and center on the wrap, and the simplicity should help consumers.

HIP teamed with Kraemer’s Nursery (Ore.) on the wraps, and Kraemer’s reports a 30 percent increase in fruit plant pre-order for spring. Kraemer’s attributes the increase directly to the new pot wraps.

With some of the newest, ground-breaking printing technology and options available on the market, HIP’s Lovejoy says pot wraps can be designed to fit the unique angles, sizes and shapes of most any brand’s pots.

For more information about HIP pot wraps, go to HIPlabels.com.

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