Midwest Groundcovers Unveils Labeling Program

Midwest Groundcovers in St. Charles, Ill., recently established a label program that’s available to all its customers.

Customers can now select from three levels of labeling options for their products, with a fourth option to be added in early August. For no additional cost, customers have the following three labeling options:

1. A product identifier label
2. A compact and legible black and white label
3. A color label that contains pictures of plants and detachable bar codes.

Midwest Groundcovers will offer a customizable version of the color label, available for an additional fee, in August. Garden centers will find the custom color label most helpful with identifying and promoting plants, enhancing product displays and helping garden center customers better understand planting specifications, pricing, and plant care.

Customers who choose the custom option will receive a label that prominently displays their logo, business name and address. To help save labor, customers can submit pricing information through an Excel spreadsheet. This information will then be printed on each label, which will have detachable bar codes.

Customers can sign up for Midwest’s new label program at 847-742-1790. Further details are also available under the Products tab on Midwest’s website.

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