Tagging At Buckley Growers Illinois

Buckley Growers Illinois began tinkering with the look of its plant tags over the winter, and it settled on an enhanced tag design this spring for about 40 varieties that includes everything from plant care information to the company logo.

The tags were designed with the assistance of MasterTag, and they’re specific to most of Buckley’s 3.5-to-4.5-inch component plants. On the back of tags, Buckley will place more information on plant height and space type, uses, soil and where to learn more about the variety featured on the Web. The Buckley logo graphic is just as important.

“We want to build the confidence of garden center customers when they see this very attractive logo graphic on plant tags appearing on shelves in the retail marketplace,” says Bill Ruppert, a marketing and sales representative for Buckley.

Plans are currently in the works to promote the plants purchased by Buckley’s retail garden center customers by showcasing the color logo graphic at the base of the plant tag in a variety of creative ways.

Buckley Growers Illinois will be donating an extensive variety of summer performing plant varieties to the Illinois Green Industry Association’s exhibit at the 2008 Illinois State Fair in Springfield. The plantings will include a series of low-profile color signs containing the tag’s color logo graphic with the following phrase surrounding the graphic: “A symbol of reliable plants, responsibly grown for your midwestern landscape.”

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