Down And Dirty

Down And Dirty

Perfect For Germination

Berger Peat Moss:
The BM 2 Euro Germinating Mix provides the ideal growing conditions in developing healthy roots. The structure and particle size of the peat moss provides the roots with excellent air porosity and water-flowing capacity. BM 2 uses only selected quality sphagnum peat moss, and it is the base to having a solid foundation toward strong and healthy plants.

Lightweight Mix

Michigan Peat:
BACCTO Professional Grower’s Mix is precisely formulated, screened and blended with unique Michigan sphagnum peat, resulting in quality and consistency. This lightweight, wettable mix is available in 2.8 cubic foot loose-filled bags, 3.8 cubic foot compressed bales and 70 cubic foot bulk bags.

Growing/Potting Mix

Urban Organics:
Sweet Peet is a naturally nutritious, unique and versatile organic material made from virgin wood products, manure and plant fibers. It derives its deep dark color from naturally occurring tannins. Sweet Peet is more absorbent than hardwood mulches, and it reduces nitrogen borrowing when tilled in and around root zones.

Coarse Micronutrients

Sun Gro Horticulture:
The MAX formulation of Sun Trace Micronutrients is designed to be incorporated into growing media or used in conjunction with NPK fertilizer programs. This homogeneous product ensures that each granule contains all secondary and microelements listed on the label for maximum consistency when properly applied.

New Sherriff In Town

Lambert Peat Moss:
One of the industry’s newest package sizes is introduced by Lambert, which now offers a towering bulk bale that yields more than 250 cubic feet of professional grade peat moss. These new, 125 cubic foot compressed bales save on labor costs and time. Most importantly, more can be delivered in one shipment, saving on transportation costs.

Alternative Options

As an alternative to its most popular soilless mixes, Fafard offers a selection of rice hull mixes in its RHM series. Fafard has replaced the perlite with rice hulls in its 1P, 2S and 3B mixes, which offer growers a more sustainable option for growing hearty plants. Rice hull mixes are available in 2.8 cubic foot and bulk bags.

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