Fafard Gains Right To Add Osmocote Start To Mixes

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Fafard Gains Right To Add Osmocote Start To Mixes

Fafard is part of Spring Trials at Syngenta Flowers in Gilroy again this year, and the company’s latest development is that it now has the rights to incorporate Scotts’ Osmocote Start into its growing mixes.

Osmocote Start is a controlled-release fertilizer, and growers interested in Fafard’s Osmocote Start mixes can approach either Fafard or Scotts for technical support.

“The great benefit of this product is it reduces the amount of water-soluble fertilizer growers will need–in some cases eliminating it entirely,” says Hugh Poole, director of technical research for Fafard. “It’s another way of getting a fast crop in. it’s going to reduce leaching, groundwater contamination and it’s actually going to reduce the total fertilizer requirements for the grower.”

Less algae growth in the greenhouse is another benefit, Poole says, because water-soluble fertilizer won’t be making its way onto greenhouse floors.

Osmocote Start is a fully coated N-P-K plus micronutrients controlled-release fertilizer. Its miniature prills deliver even fertilizer distribution and promote uniform results and good root development.

“It gives growers greater freedom,” adds Bruce Adams, Fafard. “It’s much easier–there’s no fertilizer to mix, no risk of mixing mistakes and it’s friendlier to the environment.”

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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