Mixing Up Media

Mixing Up Media


ASB-Greenworld Professional Container Mix is a moist and ready-to-use container mix that’s specially formulated for growing container plants with medium demand of nutrients. The mix contains New Brunswick sphagnum peat moss, screened composted pine bark and fertilizer. It is packaged in a 2.8-cubic-foot loose fill bag.

Fafard is rolling out redesigned packaging later this year for its professional mixes for 2009-10 to reflect the company’s new brand positioning, “The Science Behind the Art.” Backed by a strong scientific background, Fafard believes the quality and consistency of its growing media is the perfect canvas to create horticultural masterpieces.


PBH is a uniquely processed rice hull media amendment. Offering significantly less dust, lower basic cost and decomposition over time, it is a good perlite replacement. OMRI listed and WSDA registered, PBH supports organic production. Its physical size, shape and bulking properties produce optimum air-filled pore space, water-holding capacity and drainage.


Oasis Fertiss is a rooting media for vegetative cuttings composed of peat moss, perlite and vermiculite wrapped by fabric and placed in trays that promote air pruning. Uniquely manufactured for product consistency, high air porosity and easy water management, Oasis Fertiss is supported by technical services and a quality guarantee.

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