Research Supports PBH As Partial Pine Bark Replacement

Research from the Department of Horticulture at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, authenticates the use of PBH as a partial replacement for pine bark in nursery stock container media.

The research concludes that pine bark substrates amended with up to 40 percent PBH Nature’s Media Amendment will not decrease plant growth or increase the volume or frequency of irrigation for the production of container-grown spirea over one (25 weeks) and two (70 weeks) growing seasons, respectively.

Based on the research, pine bark-based substrates amended with up to 40 percent PBH retained physical properties that were generally within current guidelines for nursery container substrates after one or two growing seasons. Decomposition was not an issue.

The research substantiating the use of PBH Nature’s Media Amendment as a partial pine bark substitute comes at a time when growers have seen pine bark availability decline, prices rise and freight charges increase. PBH gives growers a sustainable, economical and readily available alternative for container-grown nursery stock production.

PBH consists of uniquely processed, lightweight and consistent parboiled rice hulls. It is OMRI Listed and registered by the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Suitable for traditional or organic production, PBH requires no land disruption or tree removal to produce. It is a product of Riceland Foods.

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