Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 Now Available for Retail Sale

Nature's Source logoHome gardeners looking for an organic choice in their plant nutrition can now purchase Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 through their favorite garden centers.

Nature’s Source Plant Food, formerly Daniels Plant Food, has been used by commercial growers throughout North America for nearly 20 years. The same 3-1-1 formulation that certified organic growers use in their greenhouse production is now available to home gardeners.

Retail jugs (15.5 oz) of Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 include a dosing pump to help gardeners mix the right amount of plant food with water. Promotional signage and display units from Nature’s Source are designed for sell-through, and they further educate the consumer on their plant nutrition options.

“Expanding our retail line of Nature’s Source Plant Food to include an organic option is very important in today’s market of health and environment conscious consumers,” says Chance Finch, general manager for Ball DPF, LLC. “With Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 now available to home gardeners, they can grow bountiful flowers and vegetables, and be confident that they’re gardening organically.”

Source: Ball Horticultural Company

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