New Fertilizers For 2014

Sanctuary fertilizer products from Direct SolutionsDirect Solutions Sanctuary Products
Sanctuary products from Direct Solutions combine Agrium Technology with natural-based ingredients to deliver a ‘Biological Innovative Nutrient Delivery System.’ The combination provides a multitude of agronomic benefits for all types of horticultural applications. Sanctuary products are manure and bio-solid free, homogenous products enhanced with beneficial bacteria, plus endo-ecto mycorrhizae.
The Sanctuary 11-21-21 CRN + Probiotics is a water-soluble organic hybrid product that combines nutrients, beneficial bacteria and soil nutrition.
The Sanctuary 3-0-20 + Probiotics is an all-purpose nutrient product with bacteria and Trichoderma in a water soluble formulation. It contains a wide range of beneficial bacteria to address soil-related problems.

Both products can be sprayed to reduce stress, enhance color and aid with disease management, or, they can be injected to enhance rooting. They are biological tools for use in landscape, nursery or greenhouse applications.

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