New Ornamentals Added To Label For Dow AgroScience’s Dimension 2EW Specialty Herbicide

More than 90 ornamental cultivars have been added to the label for Dimension 2EW specialty herbicide, bringing the total list of tolerant ornamentals to 444. Now, turf professionals and nursery managers can apply Dimension 2EW with even more confidence in controlling key weeds while ensuring crop safety.

European white birch, blood grass, chrysanthemum, saucer magnolia, tree philodendron, groundcover rose, Japanese wisteria and several different varieties of palm have been added to the label.

“We continue to invest in research to give users the confidence to apply Dimension 2EW over the top and around valuable ornamentals,” says Andy Kaler, product manager with Dow AgroSciences Turf & Ornamental. “Dimension 2EW is an ideal wall-to-wall solution for our landscape and nursery customers.”

Also added to the label under weeds controlled are dandelion, sowthistle and willowherb.

Dimension 2EW can be applied to landscape and field- and container-grown ornamentals, controlling both grassy and broadleaf weeds without harming desirable plants.
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