Fine Introduces A New Plant Growth Regulator

Fine Introduces A New PGR

Citadel, a new plant growth regulator (PGR) from Fine Americas, is designed for a broad variety of ornamental crops grown in commercial greenhouse containers, including poinsettias, geraniums, azaleas, hibiscus, bedding plants and other herbaceous and woody ornamental crops.

Citadel contains 11.8 percent chlormequat chloride and reduces plant height by limiting internode elongation through inhibition of gibberellins biosynthesis. Citadel also produces darker foliage and higher chlorophyll content with greater leaf thickness.

“Plants treated with Citadel have an improved quality–they are more compact, and produce a better leaf color,” says Kevin Forney, technical manager for Fine. “Citadel also increases plant durability during post-production shipping by producing plants with stronger stems. Citadel can be applied alone or tank-mixed with other plant growth regulators to produce high quality plants. On certain crops, a tank mix of Dazide 85WSG and Citadel can provide a synergistic effect that results in enhanced activity.” 

For more information on Citadel, click here.

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