SePRO: Avoid Hachi-Hachi On Colored Poinsettias

SePRO: Avoid Hachi-Hachi On Colored Poinsettias

SePRO is voluntarily restricting the use of Hachi-Hachi on poinsettias with bracts in color after trialing the product in university trials and discovering some cultivars are particularly sensitive to it.

A label change could not be made in time to deliver the message to growers, so SePRO is actively communicating the restriction to growers itself.

The Hachi-Hachi label lists poinsettias as an approved crop for application based on trials of a limited number of poinsettia cultivars–with bracts not in color. SePRO also discovered in recent trials that some salvia and gypsophilla species can be harmed. Label changes have been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency restricting the use of Hachi-Hachi on those two crops.

Additionally, SePRO indicates ageratum, colocasia, geranium, lobelia, pansy (flowers), verbena and vinca sustained temporary injuries after Hachi-Hachi was applied.

Before launching, SePRO was aware of potential injury to impatiens and New Guinea impatiens. Label restrictions were already applied to those crops.

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