An Eco-Friendly Packaging Option

An Eco-Friendly Packaging Option

Tons of Styrofoam is used globally for the shipment of perishable packages like plants and flowers each year. But one company, Coldpack, has developed an inflatable, insulating liner called AirLiner that easily converts a corrugated box into a cooler while using about half of the raw materials needed for a thermally equivalent foam container.

One of Coldpack’s goals is to eliminate landfill waste, and company CEO Etienne P. Snollaerts says this kind of technology has the potential to eliminate 19.1 billion cubic feet of waste each year. Growers can play a role in that reduction, he says.

“Business owners, especially those shipping perishables, do not take for granted the effect of foam packing on their corporate image and their revenue streams–yet, until Airliner, a cost-effective green alternative to foam has been elusive,” he says.

The key to AirLiner’s ability to cushion and maintain constant temperature, Snollaerts says, is its internal heat-barrier technology. AirLiner is made using layers of reflective barrier film that are sealed into a design that blocks heat transfer.

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