Benchrunner Relay: A Positive Plastic Impact

The Chicago Tribune has planted a black eye on the industry regarding its use of plastic pots, but most criticism is unwarranted and premature as Greenhouse Grower Editor Delilah Onofrey wrote in her September 2008 column. Mike Bromerly, a national sales manager at T.O. Plastics, agrees criticism is unwarranted, and he wrote us to offer some thoughts on the positive state of plastic consumption at his company.

To read Delilah’s column, “More Pot Shots,”. Bromerly’s letter in response to Delilah’s column is presented below:

I read with great interest your commentary on the black eye that plastic pots used in our industry is receiving of late from some sources.

As a responsible corporate citizen, T.O. Plastics takes very seriously its role in operating in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. As your article mentions, many containers utilized in our industry are produced from recycled plastics. At T.O. Plastics we do make use of materials that have already served a useful life in products ranging from industrial to consumer applications.

In addition to using these recycled resources, our products are manufactured in a closed loop that reclaims plastic scrap and cycles it back through the manufacturing system to produce more containers. As you point out in your article, these containers are 100 percent recyclable at the end of their useful life of nurturing plants from seed to need. Your reservation regarding plastic alternatives and the carbon footprint that they leave is also a very important topic. What may appear “green” on the surface, can in fact be shown to have an adverse effect when consideration is given to this important measurement of environmental impact.

It’s vital to provide balanced perspective on this issue–thank you for your objective voice in representing our industry.

For more information on T.O. Plastics’ commitment to environmental responsibility, click here.

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