Ellepot Retail Packaging Unveiled  

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Ellepot Retail Packaging Unveiled  

Retail packaging for the Ellepot has arrived. In a partnership with the Denmark-based Schur packaging company, Blackmore displayed the Star Bagging System at OFA Short Course.

In the automated system, Ellepots are placed in biodegradable, compostable bags, which can be customized with a design and imprinted with a label just before shipping.

Schur, one of the largest packaging companies in Denmark, and Blackmore started talking about a partnership more than a year ago, and the display machine shown at Short Course came off the plant floor just three weeks before the show, according to Schur’s Klaus Madsen. More than 500 systems of this kind are being used in Europe for food packaging.

He says that the one skid load of the compostable bags is the equivalent of a whole truckload of pots (about 3,500 pots).

Finished packaging can be equipped with features such as handles, recloseability, stand-up bottom or easy peel.

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  1. Anonymous

    Our goal with this program is to save the retail grower money by offering them much more flexibility than what they currently have.
    On the logistical side the grower will see huge savings on both inbound, internal and outbound logistics.