Introducing Emerald Coast’s Mixed Tray

Introducing Emerald Coast's Mixed Tray

Emerald Coast Growers in Pensacola, Fla., is bringing growers a new sempervivum mixed 50 tray that’s priced at $41.50, or $0.83 per cell.

“Sempervivums’ low water requirement makes them an excellent choice for cost-conscious growers and consumers alike,” says Cheri Markowitz, Emerald Coast’s sales manager. “And our mixed tray is a great way for growers to get their feet wet in the product without making a huge investment.”

Emerald Coast’s new sempervivum mixed 50 tray was introduced in response to a wave of customer requests. The tray features five varieties and 10 of each variety.

Sempervivum are good for containers and rock gardens, as plants grow 3 to 6 inches tall and are hardy in Zones 3 to 11. Possible varieties found in the tray include:

‘Cobweb Buttons,’ with gray threads woven over the tips of pale green rosettes.
‘Forest Frost,’ with light green rosettes tipped with gray.
‘Black,’ with long, dark purple-tipped fleshy green leaves.
‘Desert Bloom 2,’ with deep gray-green rosettes highlighted by rosy red centers.
‘Green Wheel,’ with tight, fleshy leaves forming vivid green rosettes.
‘Red Rubin,’ with large burgundy petals in rosettes around green centers.

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