Recycle Your Seed Vials

Ball Horticultural Co. is extending the life of its seed vials through a new empty vial return program.

The program encourages customers to return empty seed vials to the company to be cleaned and reused for future packaging, offering a sustainable solution for growers who want an environmentally responsible way to dispose of their empty vials.

Customers can simply call Ball at 800-879-BALL to start the empty vial return process.

Ball will pay for return shipments of 70 or more vials from customers in the United States.

The program applies to Ball vials only.

Vials should be empty. Each vial should have a cap or lid in order to be reused.

Labels placed on vials by customers should be removable.

For more information, contact your Ball sales representative or the company at 800-879-BALL.

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