Recycled Albuquerque Glass Becomes Grower Product

Recycled Albuquerque Glass Becomes Grower Product

Growstones, a company that makes its growing media from recycled glass bottles, has formed a partnership with the city of Albuquerque, N.M., to turn the city’s recycled glass into its porous Growstones product. The move is the city’s first step toward the recycling of all its glass, and it gives the New Mexico-based company a more cost-effective means to obtain its byproduct.  

“We are proud to be working with the city of Albuquerque,” says Chris Higgins, vice president of Growstones. “Their commitment to recycling and to our product is not only good for the economy and the environment, but it will help growers with a green conscience produce better plants.”

According to Higgins, Growstones have specific pore sizes and structures, creating the ideal air-to-water ratio growers need. They’re replacements to pumice, perlite and stonewool, as they improve structure, texture and aeration while giving growers the perfect water retention or water drainage for their specific needs.

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