The Top Hat Pot

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The Top Hat Pot

A number of decorative, colorful pots caught my eye on the trade show floor Saturday at OFA Short Course. One company with standout pots is P.E.X., a Quincy, Mass.-based company that’s now in its second year.

P.E.X.’s decorative pots stand out for a couple reasons: 1) they’re shaped like top hats; and 2) pots have shiny gold rims. Those gold rims might not necessarily stand out if a plant’s leaves are hanging over the pot’s edge, but the containers are still worth a look for growers in search of a unique decorative container.

P.E.X.’s Jack Montanile says a few growers are even producing plants directly in the decorative containers. The company also offers basic planters, hanging baskets and bowls in addition to the decorative containers.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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