Atlanta Braves And PNC Bank Team Up For Grow Up Great Gardening Event

Atlanta Braves logo

The Atlanta Braves partnered with a local preschool and community development non-profit City of Refuge for PNC’s Grow Up Great Gardening program, which aims to teach kids where their food comes from and how to eat healthy.

Preschoolers harvested herbs and peppers, picked cherry tomatoes, dug for worms, fed fish in the greenhouse and interacted with hissing cockroaches at the City of Refuge’s gardening center. Another activity taught the kids how different produce like apples, carrots and celery can be used to make a healthy juice. The day finished off with Braves David Carpenter encouraging the children to eat healthy and play outside.

“The Atlanta Braves organization understands the importance of healthy living and the value of nutritional foods. It is vital to ensure our next generation has the knowledge and tools necessary to carry out healthy and abundant lifestyles,” says Ericka Newsome-Hill, director of community affairs for the Atlanta Braves, in an Atlanta Daily World article.

PNC Bank’s Grow Up Great initiative prepares children from birth to age five for success in school and life. The garden program connects children with nature while helping them to develop the skills they will need for school.

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