BioWorks Supports Purdue Internship Program

BioWorks Supports Purdue Internship Program

BioWorks continues to support the Purdue University summer internship program within the horticulture and landscape architecture department.

This summer, BioWorks is sponsoring Josh Gerovac, who is majoring in horticulture production and marketing, with a minor in plant biology at Purdue. This fall marks Gerovac’s senior year.

“I enjoy having the freedom within the internship to perform my own research,” Gerovac says.

Gerovac is the fourth Purdue summer intern BioWorks has sponsored.

The Purdue summer internship program has been active since 2005. Interns involved in the program perform research and experiments and also work in the greenhouse, partaking in activities like scouting for insects. The internship allows students an opportunity to perform scientific research projects on their own. This benefits the students because they learn first-hand the detail required for scientific method and acquire an appreciation for their work.

This summer, Gerovac is conducting tests with BioWorks products and has developed an appreciation for the company mission and eco-friendly approach.

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