Costa Farms’ O2 For You Brand Celebrates Earth Day With Kids

Costa Farms‘ O2 For You brand promoted the benefits of indoor houseplants and their place in the environment, targeting kids directly with a Celebrate Earth Day promotion.

Through the month of April, consumers can find O2 For You Plant Party houseplants, which are planted in kid-friendly containers. Kids can decorate the pots with a bundled Let’s Have A Party sticker book. More than 10 varieties of plants, including snake plants and ferns, are available in the Plant Party line.

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The O2 For You website encourages gardeners to host a Plant Party for kids.

“Say ‘thanks’ to Mother Earth! She’s done a lot for us,” says the Costa Farms’ Earth Day website. “So it’s time to give back. Throw a planting party! Invite the kids in your life to color this page and decorate a cool potted plant. Each healthful houseplant comes with FUN O24U Earth Day stickers. Shop the garden center of your local home improvement store or mass merchandiser.”

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