Flowers A Solution For Depression In Time Of Recession

A recent behavioral research study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School found people have less worry and anxiety when fresh-cut flowers are present in the home. The Flower Promotion Organization is now spreading that message, and executive director Stan Pohmer suggests making simple flower arrangements to display around the home.

One simple arrangement Pohmer suggests is what he’s calling the “Mood Lift Lily.” All consumers need to create this arrangement are one lily, three to four oranges or five lemons or limes, a sharp knife to cut citrus, a clear water glass, floral preservative and floral clippers.

Simply cut thin, round slices of the citrus, remove the leaves from the lily and thread the stem through the fruit of the citrus, insert the lily with citrus into the water glass and fill it with water that has been treated with the floral preservative.

It’s just one do-it-yourself arrangement tip that can boost moods in a down economy. For more possibilities, visit

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