Horticulture Student Kellie Walters Named 2013-2014 Shinoda Scholar Of The Year

Shinoda Scholar of the Year, Kellie Walters

Kellie Walters

Kellie Walters of Iowa State University has been named the recipient of the prestigious Shinoda Scholar of the Year award for 2013-14.

“Students like Kellie represent the true potential of horticulture’s growth,” says Paul Ecke III, president of the Shinoda Foundation. “The Shinoda Scholar of the Year award recognizes the unique accomplishments and abilities that she and students like her bring to our industry.”

After graduating with a horticulture degree from Iowa State University, Kellie plans to pursue a career in commercial greenhouse floriculture production, with a goal of advancing to a greenhouse management position.

“Kellie grew up on a farm and has developed an excellent work ethic,” a teacher says of the 20-year-old junior. “She is a respectful, enthusiastic and motivated young woman who will accomplish much during her professional career.”

In addition to her horticulture academic studies, Kellie continues to expand her knowledge and education, completing several internships, including one in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She has received a number of scholarships and awards, is active in multiple extracurricular activities such as Pi Alpha Xi, the Mid American Collegiate Horticulture Society and Gamma Sigma Delta and is president of the Iowa State University Horticulture Club.

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