How Does Gen Y Buy?

GrowPartnersEditwebThe next generation of consumers makes buying decisions differently than their predecessors. How can our industry adapt? Here’s what you need to know.

  • 90 percent have a personal computer
  • 45 percent have internet on their electronic device
  • Nine out of 10 Gen Yers own a personal electronic device
  • Four out of five of their daily activities involve the use of technology
  • Gen Yers are less brand loyal than previous generations
  • Empowerment, causes and connections with others motivate Gen Y to buy
  • Gen Y values customization, making everything their own form their music to their jeans and soda
  • More than 50 percent often share information about interesting products with their friends
  • Gen Y ignores advertising and prefers a grassroots effort, such as hip events, viral videos, social media and street teams
  • Gen Yers want an authentic relationship with the sellers of the products they buy
  • The balance between supply and demand has been altered and the value of owning “stuff” has diminished; the value now lies in the doing.

Sources:, XYZ University’s Sarah Sladek, and The 10% Project research for Today’s Garden Center.

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