Measuring Your Gardening Kindness

How kind are you to the environment? The Texas AgriLife Extension Service has developed Earth-Kind Challenge to encourage gardeners to determine the answer online.

Earth-Kind Challenge is a test that asks about your landscaping design, mulching habits and use of irrigation. It queries your habits in fertilizer and pesticide use, composting, rainfall harvesting and provisions for wildlife habits.

The 25-question test isn’t all pins and needles, though: It has a fun frog scoring system.

“The more frogs you score, the more you are doing to help preserve and protect the environment in which we live,” says Don Wilkerson, Texas AgriLife Extension Service horticulturist. “And the other thing that’s cool is that for each response you give, the test responds with ideas of what you might do to be even better at environmental stewardship.”

Throughout the test, links to AgriLife Extension fact sheets provide information for quick learning.

“That way, if you score a 70-80 (three or four frogs) like most of us, you get some instant messages about what can be done to get a higher score,” Wilkerson says. “A person can find out where they stand in the environment and figure out what to do better. It may be as simple as reducing yard waste by composting.”

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