Michigan Floriculture Growers Elect Officers

In addition to completing the first three full years as the Michigan Floriculture Growers Council (MFGC), an advocacy organization, 2008 marked its first rotation in officers.

Founding officers who helped establish the group include: Steve Zylstra, president; Tom Raney, vice president; Tim Stiles, secretary-treasurer. All three will remain active on the board of directors.

New officers include:

Paul Karlovich, president. Karlovich is general manager of production at C. Raker & Sons in Litchfield. His position at Raker keeps him in touch with the key factors affecting our industry and he says he’s energized to keep MFGC productive and self-sustaining.

Jim Tuinier, vice president. Tuinier is co-owner of Post Gardens in Battle Creek and Rockwood. He says he sees the importance of growers having a voice in public policy and values MFGC as a mechanism for addressing industry issues.

Don Klooster, secretary/treasurer. Klooster is a partner in Klooster Greenhouse in Kalamazoo. He has represented the Western Michigan Greenhouse Association on the MFGC board and demonstrated continuing support for MFGC by helping with events such as Michigan’s Ag Day at the capital and the Michigan Grower Expo.

MFGC focuses on public policy and legislation, experssing Michigan growers’ concerns in both Lansing and Washington, D.C., as well as keeping MIchigan growers informed about relevant public policy developments. Members receive monthly updates by email alerting them to issues that may affect their businesses. For more information, visit www.mifgc.org.

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