Michigan Floriculture Growers Plan 2008 Research

The Michigan Floriculture Growers Council (MFGC) has produced a list of its 2008 research priorities, which includes sustainability, water, energy, managing risk, production lighting, marketing, new crops, chemicals, post-harvest and business functions.

MFGC will pursue research in conjunction with Michigan State University.

For sustainability, MFGC plans to identify and evaluate sustainable production practices and products that reduce environmental impacts, such as biodegradable containers and organic fertilizers. It also intends to develop strategies that reduce the amount of water consumed in greenhouse production and improve the energy efficiency of greenhouse production in Michigan and other temperate climates.

MFGC will analyze risk management, determining opportunities to reduce crop and economic losses due to pests and publicly ordered plant destruction and quarantine. Production lighting is a priority, too, and MFGC will work to minimize production time by using lighting systems to produce plants with reduced time, chemicals, space and labor.

For more information on MFGC’s research priorities or to download a membership application, go to www.mifgc.org.

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