My Garden Designer Makes Choosing Plants Simple

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Burpee Home Gardens uses QR Codes on tags to make plant selection an easy to understand–and fun–process.

A lot has been said about the need to find ways to create new customers. One of the best ways to do that is to make it easier for them to be successful and have fun both during and after their purchase.

Burpee Home Gardens is doing both of those things with its My Garden Designer program this spring. My Garden Designer goes a long way toward encouraging the younger, less-experienced gardener in two different ways. One, it takes advantage of smart phone technology so many in this demographic use almost 24 hours a day (or so it seems). Second, it takes all the uncertainty out of making a plant purchase, and at the same time, makes the process simple and enjoyable.

How does it work? All plants in the Burpee Home Gardens program have a QR code on the tag. When the customer scans the tag with her cell phone or other mobile device, the code brings up all kinds of planting information on that specific plant: whether it likes sun or shade, how to plant it in the garden, and how to care for it all season long. The My Garden Designer program will also suggest companion plants that work well with the one she’s looking at.

If, for example, she chooses a “thriller” plant, such as an angelonia, My Garden Designer will suggest a “spiller” and a “filler” to go along with it. Click here to run through the program and see how it works.

“It’s very interactive,” says Tiffany Heater, Burpee Home Gardens Program Representative. “It gives you several different recipes, and then if you continue along in the program, you can tell it how big your pot size is and it will recommend different combinations and how many plants you actually need to create them. So with My Garden Designer, the customer goes from buying one plant that she likes to buying three plants that complement each other.”

In the end, tools like My Garden Designer can help create more confident first-time plant buyers, using technology they’re comfortable with–and that’s a recipe for bringing them back for more.

Richard Jones is the group editor for Meister Media Worldwide’s U.S. Horticulture Group. He was formerly an editor with Greenhouse Grower and Today's Garden Center magazines.

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One comment on “My Garden Designer Makes Choosing Plants Simple

  1. Joshua L. Garvin, Jr.

    My Garden Designer is a fantastic idea. This is sure to increase the number of people willing to try planting on their own. As the article states if someone buys 1 plant they will have to buy 2 more. People like to do things that will prove to be successful and this will certainly increase their confidence.