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Silver Vase made such a splash with ‘Blue Mystique’ at the 2011 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition that topping the orchid introduction this year was quite the challenge. Still, Silver Vase continues to innovate with this week’s introduction of Phalaenopsis orchids in a variety of new shapes.

The new Silver line forms Phalaenopsis orchids into hearts, circles, cascades and other shapes. The possibilities with new shapes really are endless. Silver Vase’s innovation simply takes an existing product and presents it in ways in which most consumers have never seen orchids.

“The key for us is we have to train the product to be that shape,” says Marcella Lucio, Silver Vase’s marketing director.

Silver Vase actually got the idea for the new shapes just two months ago at a tradeshow in the Netherlands. Growing orchids into hearts and circles certainly is more challenging, but there are price rewards to it.

“We’re taking a Phalaenopsis that’s between $15.99 and $19.99 and elevating the price to $24.99 to $29.99 with these shapes,” Lucio says. “The value the customer is getting is way more than the $5 difference.”

At TPIE, Silver Vase’s booth theme was “Innovation Alive.” The Silver line clearly shows innovation is alive at Silver Vase. But Silver Vase is taking the extra steps these days to ensure it’s continuously coming up with new ideas for customers.

“We want the entire company to be involved in new ideas,” Lucio says. “Each one of us has a different view. Maybe the grower sees something that I wouldn’t. The more we’re getting people involved, the better.”

Lucio is actually one of several people involved in an idea group at Silver Vase. The group meets weekly for an hour, discusses new ideas and exactly how to implement them.

For instance, take the cascading trellised orchid Silver Vase featured in its TPIE booth: A marketer might see the cascading look at a tradeshow and want to rush it into production. But growers may halt marketers in their tracks. For example, with the cascading trellised orchid, Lucio indicates only a handful of varieties may be able to pull off that special look.

“So we bring everyone together, from shipping to production to marketing,” Lucio says.

From a marketing perspective, Silver Vase continues to look for new materials it can use to enhance its orchids. Organsas are one such item it added to a few orchids it brought to TPIE.

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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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  1. Joan Starr

    I purchased a beautiful Blue Orchid from Publix on March 28. It was so beautiful. After 10 days the flowers started to close up and droop the buds approx 4 did not open. The buds and flowers are still on the plant and of course it looks terrible. I paid $29.00 for this disappointment. Last year I purchased about 15 of these for a Party and they lasted for 2 months and were beautiful. I told the produce manager at Publix and he offered to give me another but the ones they had all looked bad . I know you are located in Homestead not far from wear I live. Maybe you could replace this for me. thank you, Joan Starr