Wenke’s QR Codes Instilling Two-Way Confidence

Natasha Marback

There is a lot of interest in QR codes these days in every market, from home entertainment and fashion to health, beauty, food and travel. Marketers and brand managers are embracing this technology as a compelling way to link products to the Internet, dynamically engaging customers in the brand and providing more information that builds loyalty and inspires purchasing.

The link to the internet is especially important in gardening, where there is much to learn and little space available. Until now, it’s been virtually impossible to fit everything a gardener needs to know on plant tags, which are already packed with important care and handling information.

Still, inspiration, design ideas and gardening knowledge have been missing where customers need them most–in the garden center, where they are making buying decisions. Customers are confused and frustrated.

Wenke Greenhouses is one grower who recognizes the potential of the connection between print and digital media, taking full advantage of QR codes offered by the John Henry Company. By last January, Wenke was already in the market using the new technology to help gardeners become more confident. Based on its early success, Wenke is now leveraging its partnership with John Henry to combine AllRecipes.com and an entirely new section on BloomIQ.com to edibles.

Currently in development, the new edibles section will include feature articles on more than a dozen herbs and vegetables with background information, planting tips, care advice and ideas for enjoying fruits and vegetables. The program will include plant tags with QR codes that link to BloomIQ articles, an expanded edible plant library and monthly tag scan reports that Wenke can use to evaluate the success of the program and gain insights into consumer interests.

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