What It Will Take To Grow Our Industry

Twenty-five years ago, who could have possibly seen the industry shaped in its current form?

The rise of the big box stores? New labor-saving technology? The call for sustainability? This kind of growth might have been scoffed at 25 years ago. But we’re here, and the sky should indeed be the limit for our progression over the next 25 years.

How will we operate in 2033? Will the big box stores still be around? What kind of technology will we using then? And what about sustainability? Look how far it’s come over the last few years–so just think where it will be in the next 25.

To sort out the next 25 years, we invited 25 industry experts to contribute essays on what they think it will take to grow our industry. Their expertise spans growing, production, technology, associations, academia, retail and marketing.

To them, the future holds no limits. Just infinite possibilities for the growth of the greenhouse grower.

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